The longing for home and safety is increasingly debated as the refugee crisis escalates and the pursuit of refuge rages on out in the ocean. My background as an immigrant confirms my interest in the meaning of home, the words floating, rootless, belonging, rescue and ties are my starting point. The investigation led me to identify these emotions, leading me to the port which is traditionally the first point of departure and arrival.

I identified the symbolism of the nautical and safety forms as the reflections of the feeling of instability and unrooted-ness I feel towards the two lands I call home; torn between Australia and China. Nautically inspired forms such as cleats and ropes found on the harbour serve as a response to these feelings. The action of winding and casting is representative of the longing for stability and rescue. The pieces I am making symbolically function to allow them to be attached or detached to someone or something.

The notion of safety and emergency is explored through the pieces which feature classic symbols such as safety buoys and an emergency button that serves no function, a compass which points to no where. 

Photography courtesy of the Shannon Tofts.